Sunday, December 2, 2012

A quick introduction

Hi, and welcome to "Being OK with Bipolar".

I am Wife to a Bipolar husband, and Mother to a Bipolar daughter. I have 4 other children, two of whom are Autistic (You can read my writings on parenting Autistic children at my blog "Amazing Adventures"), and one who is due to be born in about 10 weeks.

I will be writing about how Bipolar Disorder affects our family, from my perspective. You will find stories of ups and downs, joys and depression, meds and therapy, stigma and assumptions, and a lot on how we learn about ourselves and just get on with things.

I'm not going to try to sum up our lives in short amusing stories. I'm not going to try to give you instructions on what you should do if you, or someone you know, is diagnosed with Bipolar.

I am just going to write my reflections on our lives, and let you know honestly what we do, how we cope- or don't cope- and how I feel about it all, as someone who doesn't have Bipolar but is trying to support people who do.

If someone out there in cyber land finds that helpful, I'll be glad. If not, at least I have a place to record my thoughts and my family's story.

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